Raees Music Review – One of the best Music album of 2017


It has been long that Shah Rukh has given any hit. Raees is among the much-anticipated films of the year, and there are high hopes with Shah Rukh Khan from this movie. The songs are all different types and have a Gujarati folk touch to it as well because Raees is set up in Gujarat. The makers have finally released the Jukebox of the film and here is the Music Review


Laila Main Laila

Item numbers and the remake of old hit songs are in trend in Bollywood. The first song released by the makers was Laila Main Laila featuring Sunny Leone. Laila Main Laila is the classic old song from movie Qurbani. The rendition of the song is done by Ram Sampath and sung by Pawni Pandey adding a zing and seductive tone much needed for the song.

Laila Main Laila

O Zaalima

A romantic track in melodious voice of Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur, O Zaalima is typical Shah Rukh Khan romantic song in the deserted area. The song has Urdu lyrics and dynamic musical arrangements involving Guitar, drums, harmoniums. The song is composed by JAM8 and penned down by Amitabh Bhattacharya. You can download raees movie in HD mp4 for free.


Udi Udi Jaye

Giving the flavor of Makar Sakranti and Gujarati Garba, Udi Udi Jaye is a peppy number sung in magical voices of Sukhvinder Singh and Bhoomi Trivedi.



It can be called the theme song for Raees and entry song for Don Shah Rukh Khan. It is a high tempo song sung in energetic voice of Mika Singh. But the song Dhingana fails to impress as compared to other songs on the list.

Raees song dhingana

Enu naam Che Raees

A situational song, particularly the title song of the movie. But the title song feels unnecessary and could have been avoided. There is no zest in the title song which is a challenge for crime-based movies. The song is sung by Ram Sampath and Tarannum Malik.


Saason Ke

A sad and emotional track in the movie sung by K.K, Saason se fails to impress and would not be liked by many.


Ghammar Ghammar

A fun and peppy Gujarati number, Ghammar Ghammar is an upbeat folk number in Gujarati by Roshan Rathod. The song will be liked by Gujarati audience as song is in Gujarati. You can download movies and songs from here.


Music Review

In a Nutshell, There are a few songs which are likable in the album but overall the album fails to impress and can be termed as an average music album. 3/5


Listen the full Jukebox of Raees below

Rangoon Music Review – A Masterpiece by Vishal Bhardwaj


Rangoon has been in the news since the time it was announced. Pairing Saif and Shahid in one film to bold and sexy Kangana in the film, Vishal Bhardwaj’s film has been making rounds. Rangoon music is one set in the era of World War II. The music is composed by the director himself, Vishal Bhardwaj while Gulzar Sahab has penned down the lyrics of the songs in the movie. Let us review the music of the film, Rangoon.


Bloody hell

The first song released by the makers was Bloody Hell. The song in the sensuous voice of Sunidhi Chauhan, Kangana undoubtedly steals the video. The song has Hinglish and weird lyrics giving a tinge of Jazz. But more than listening, Bloody hell is a visual treat thanks to Kangana.


Mera Miyan Gaye England

One would at once resemble the old classic song, Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon listening to the name Mera Miyan Gaye England. But there is no such similarity in both. It is actually a fun lamenting number about her lover leaving to England. The Lyrics of the song are fantastic, and Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice is magical in the song.


Do Dooni Do

The song is still to come out in video form, but the song is again crooned in Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice. It seems to be a stage number and a fast pitch song.


Be Still

An English Number written by Lekha Washington, Be Still is sung by Dominique Cerejo which is a romantic number.


Chori Chori

A playful track sung in the meticulous voice of Rekha Bhardwaj, Chori Chori is a song giving fun vibes. There is a tinge of naughtiness and use of lot many musical arrangements making it be a good number.



Sung in soulful voice of Arijit Singh, Alvida is a painful song which seems to be a bit monotonous going by Arijit’s record. Die Hard Arijit fans may like it but it is not so good compared to other songs.



Tippa is a song on trains and Rains. There are multiple singers in the song – Sukhwinder Singh, Rekha Bhardwaj, Arun and Sunidhi Chauhan showcasing an exemplary composition. It is an unconventional song and might be liked by audiences.



A song after the character of Kangana, Julia is an active and fun number. It is crooned in the voices of Kunal Ganjawala, Sukhvinder Singh, K.K and Vishal Bhardwaj.


Yeh Ishq hai

Yet another romantic number by Arijit Singh, Yeh Ishq Hai is among the best in the entire album. The passionate voice of Arijit suits much well and again strikes a chord with audiences. There is a female version of it sung by Rekha Bhardwaj.



Vishal Bhardwaj has given full justice going by the Era of the 40s, but it might not be his best music score. It would definitely appeal those masses who like those era songs and music.

Music Review- 3.5/5


Listen to all the songs of Rangoon here

Rock On 2 Movie Music Review – Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor

Rock on 2 song review

Rock On released in the year 2008 has carved itself a niche in Bollywood and gave a rock genre film, music and a good singer, Farhan Akhtar. In this movie, another add-on is Shraddha Kapoor singing the rock songs. Shraddha has shown her singing talent in her previous movies like ABCD 2, Baaghi but this kind of songs would mark herself as a full-fledged singer.

However, in the Rock on 2 music and songs are not as hard hitting as they were in Rock On. Reason being Farhan’ s voice was fresh and raw back in 2008 and singing in the same pattern would not be new to the audiences considering actors have been singing in films now. Here is the music review of the songs in the films.

Rock on 2 song review

Jaago – Farhan Akhtar and Siddharth Mahadevan

The lead singer of band Magik is not able to create magic with this song. The problem is not with the song or music but guess his voice is not suiting. The rock number does have some Djent section, which is nice, but they are in small portions. Siddharth voice is good in this.


You Know What I mean – Farhan Akhtar

This song is not really that number which was like Pichle Saat Din in Rock On. It can be called the revamped version of that song, but it is really not enthralling. It kind of bores you to the core and the chorus is not at all helping the song to pump up.


Manzar Naya- Farhan Akhtar

Manzar Naya is kind of a folk-rock song sung by Farhan Akhtar. Farhan’s voice is good in this song, and the feel of realism is achieved by this number.


Udja Re- Shraddha Kapoor

It is a solo song sung by Shraddha Kapoor, and this is one likable song in the music album. The song has a rock feel of the 90s, and it is electronic rock having filtered voice of Shankar Mahadevan. Shraddha has evolved as a good singer, and this single rock number proves that.

rock on 2 music

Tere Mere Dil- Shraddha Kapoor

Yet another single by Shraddha Kapoor, which is, also an electronic rock song. Jiah, played by Shraddha Kapoor would perhaps be singing the song in the band, and the song is peppy, aesthetic and touches the right beat.


Woh jahaan- Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar

This is one such rock song, which will be superlative to all others in the album. The powerful song along with all the instruments and especially sarod have uplifted the song. A single guitar segment is also very impactful, and it would be great to see the song on screen.


Ishq Mastana- Shankar Mahadevan, Digvijay Pariyar

This song is simply used a background score in the movie which has sounds of instruments like tabla, dhol, drums and is surely a desi rock song.


Hoi Kiw Chalo Chalo- Usha Uthup, Pynsuklin and Kit Shangpliang

This motivational song is partly in Hindi and partly in Khasi, which begins like a folk number but later on, takes the pace of a rock song. The trio has put all energy in this song and made it a beautiful track to hear.


Listen the full Audio Jukebox of Rock On 2 below