Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review – A musical Entertainer by Jackie Chan

Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review

When you have Jackie Chan, you expect a hell lot of things from a movie. The charm of Jackie Chan is enough to watch the entire movie. This is what exactly happened with Kung Fu Yoga. It is only watching worthy when Jackie Chan is on screen, rest it is entirely yawning worthy.

Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review

Kung Fu Yoga Review

Jack, a Chinese archaeologist, comes to India with the help of Indian Archaeologist Ashmita (Disha Patani) to unveil the hidden treasure of Magadha. Jack agrees to help Ashmita and lands to India with his two assistants. But while seeking for the long thrived treasure, they have to fight various opponents in terms of animals and Randall (Sonu Sood). Jackie Chan looks great even while shaking legs on Bollywood numbers. But apart from it, there is not much the movie gives. The title specifically does not seem to be apt. Just to give a Chinese Indian merger, the title has a Chinese and Indian word, rest there is no connection with what is going on in the film.

There is no proper flow of sequences in the movie, the only action then some dialogues and again action start. India is shown as a cliché animal possessor. Audiences will surely miss the witty side of Jackie Chan in the movie as his other movies do. Audiences might feel the film to be going on at a slow pace and starts actively only during the action scenes.

Kung Fu Yoga Ratings

Kung Fu Yoga – Jackie Chan is the savior

Looking at the performances, it’s Jackie Chan not the best movie of all. We all have seen Jackie Chan carrying out his heaviest roles in a much easier way, but this is a sheer disappointment. Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur have decent roles and performances in the movie as well. The major disappointment in the film is Sonu Sood. It seems he is actually acting but over the top acting. He appears to be horrible in some of the scenes, and the movie is among his worst performances. The Chan’s assistants played by Aarif Rahman and Yixing Zhang are quite funny and good to watch.


Kung Fu Yoga vs Jolly LLB 2

Directed by Stanley Tong, Kung Fu Yoga is an unimpressive and Patchy movie. The only exciting scene in the film is of Jackie Chan and Lion in the car seat having car chases and pun. Rest the film is dull and boring. Some of the scenes having witty dialogues are good, but Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga could have been a lot more enjoyable had it have got the great script and story plot.

Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB 2 will release on 10 Feb 2017. This will definitely affect the collection of Kung Fu Yoga. Anyways you can get Jolly LLB 2 movie download in best print from here.

Rating: – 2/5

Pink Movie Review and Ratings – Hit or Flop Verdict


PINK was a much-needed movie after the shattered hopes of Baar Baar Dekho and Raaz Reboot. If the trailers of PINK had created the social storm in you, well the film is compelled to leave behind an impactful impact. PINK can be probably included in the lineage of Airlift as well as Neerja since it reaches out to people with a vigorous and vehement social message. PINK tries to capture a long talked about the conflict between the patriarchal as well as matriarchal sections of the society. However it is not limited to this small social message as with PINK, we find the story unraveling several shades of the anti-feminine society that needs to be explored and thought about.


Coming from the experienced directorial hands of Aniruddha Roychowdhury, PINK had to contain something powerful to make a mark. And undoubtedly it has done so. Caught in the backdrop of the National Capital (the crime capital) New Delhi, “PINK” centers on the story of three men and three women who eventually meet at a party. The three women are linked to each other sharing a roommate relationship while one of the three men hail from a political background. Something happens in the party, and all of them head towards their homes with one of the men severely injured. Since initially no clue is left behind, the audience can easily presume some clash must have occurred between them by some forceful physical imposition on behalf of the men.

What begins is a sheer political mess as quite anticipated that the guy would use his political powers. And then the real game starts. All the three girls are trolled abusively, and they land themselves into the powerful traps laid out for them. In fact, they are allegedly accused of attempt to murder charges and life never seem to get back to its former track.


The legal game kick starts and the courtroom scenes exploding with slams and rants take the movie and the audience to a heightened level. Amitabh Bachchan’s powerful and impact loaded dialogues and acting keep the audience hooked to the screens. What happens next and at the end is for you to explore and realize.


Pink Movie Hit or Flop Verdict

PINK has stormed the box office in the weekends and is expected to maintain the trend. What stands out throughout the entire film is the powerful message “When a girl says no, it is indeed a no” that is sure to appeal the feminist traits hidden in you.